Articles from Experts

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Indian Earthquake ProblemSudhir K Jain2005-11-02
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Draft Ammendments to IS:1893-2002 Dr.S.K.Jain2004-09-30
Demanding Capabilities Of FEM based SoftwareP.C. Vasani, H.S.Patil, B.B.Mistry2004-08-20
Steel ConstructionP. Appa Rao2004-06-20
STAAD parametersJignesh Chokshi2004-05-19
Behaviour of Grouted Anchors N. Subramanian & R.A.Cook2004-05-19
Seismic Design of Multi-storied RCC BuildingsA.R. Chandrasekaran and D.S.Prakash Rao2004-04-15
Errors in design leading to pile failures during seismic liquefaction Subhamoy Bhattacharya & Malcolm Bolton2004-03-24
AA Fundamental Omission in Seismic Pile Design Loading to Collapse S. Bhattacharya & M.D.Bolton2004-03-24
Modified Seismic Clause For IRC Dr.S.K.Jain2003-2-25
Answers to Questions raised during eConference on Draft IS:800Prof. V. Kalyanraman2003-11-04
A step towards Earthquake resistant construction Bhumika Mehta2003-10-18
Proposed Revision to IS-800IIT Madras2003-09-23
Seismic Hazard Microzonation of Delhi CityProf. R. N. Iyengar & S. Ghosh2003-07-28