Articles from Experts

Response Spectrum for 2001 Bhuj EarthquakeBhumika Mehta2003-07-08
Excel Applications in Structural EngineeringProf. P.C.Vasani2003-06-28
Bridge Analysis Methods Bhumika Mehta2003-06-15
Modeling of Soil Prof. P. C.Vasani2003-06-08
Design of Flexure members with axial force M.C.Upadhaya2003-06-08
Selection Criteria for FEM ModelsProf. P.C.Vasani2003-05-24
,Different types of Bridges & its suitabilityP.C.Vasani & Bhumika Mehta2003-05-12
Introduction to FEMProf. P. C.Vasani2003-05-09
Ductility Requirement for BuildingsP. C. Vasani & Bhumika B. Mehta2003-04-26
Indian Geotechnical Society commitee on Professional Practice-Report Dr. V. V. S. Rao2003-04-11
Dynamic Buckling of Axi-symmetric ShellDr.M.G.Rajendran2003-04-02
ECI draft report on development of professional engineersS.C. Mehrotra2003-03-31
ECI Bill-Draft 2003S. C. Mehrotra2003-03-30
Earthquake base shear as per IS1893-2002Hemant Vadalkar2003-03-28
Registration of engineers -Base DocumentV. S. Hoskere as Chairman, Blue Ribbon Panel of the WSSI2003-03-27
Design of joints in RC structuresN. Subramanian and D.S. Prakash2003-03-18
Codal Provisons of IS1893Paresh V. Patel2003-03-06
Internet - a tool for growthPankaj Gupta2003-01-29
Home Alone – Plight of a diligent, safety-minded home seekerDhirendra Tripathi2003-01-29
The Politics of Acceptable RisksAlpa Sheth2003-01-26