Poor Quality of Construction


Dear Fellow Members,
We have been discussing through these pages, a lot about the economical and robust design of structures taking into consideration the likely loads and other factors influencing it. But I have noticed that the stringent quality neasures in design as well as in the actual construction are adhered to by the govt. agencies only (especially the Central Govt) and not by the private builders and other agencies. I am a civil engineer working in telecom industry (BSNL)and we maintain a high level of quality in the construction of mobile towers. But when I visited the sites being prepared by the private operators I was sad to see the poor detailing of reinforcement, eccentric columns having non uniform section as well reinforcement cover, sagged,disfigured, bent and bulged beams and the base plates not resting on the concrete etc. ete. This is perhaps due to the fact that in these organasations there are not enough trained civil Engineers and the decision makers are either Electrical or Telecom engineers.
This type of construction will definitely put the precious lives and property at risk.
My question is that do we need any regulatory organisation for quality control by private agecies because the Municipal Committees, Gram Panchayats and similar forums are ill equipped to enforce the bylaws?


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dear vijay

In which u r working. whats u r designation

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In which state u r working