Design of a 5 span @ 8 m c/c solid slab bridge, which type of pier will be suitable RCC or Stone masonry
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I am a beginner for bridge designing, as I am working on designing of a 5 span @ 8 m c/c = 40 mtr Bridge. The bearing capacity of soil is 23 MT/sqm
The main problem is about the height of the bridge from footing bottom to bridge bottom total height is 11.5 m
and the the clear way below bridge bottom should be 8.0 m
The discharge is only 120 Cum with 1.8 m/sec velocity. this flow is only in Rainy season it means flow for 3 to 4 day in a year.

So if you have any suggestion about the type of pier like RCC or Stone masonry. The abutment should be of Stone masonry only.
and which book should follow.
The bridge is constructed on a Feeder canal in Rajasthan


#1 submitted by kami on Sun, 03/07/2010 - 04:40

you should follow the book "highway structure design by pucket and barker