Design of large Cantilevers in seismic zone Iv and V
Category:support request

There is a perception that cantilevelrs are very critical in EQ zone IV and V, however on calculation of Seismic forces using BIS 1893-2002 clause the Ah comes to only 0.20W for Sa/g of 2.5 anf I as 1 and R as 5 for the structure and forces as 10/3 Ah i.e.2/3Ah with R =1, in such a scenerio and the load combination as per codes the effect of EQ forces in normal cantivers i.e. say up to 4-5 meters,is minimal and the combination of 1.5 DL+1.5 LL is becoming critcal for cantilever, which is against the prevailing perception. Please advice whether I am wrongly understanding the codal provisions or how to calculate EQ forces in case of Cantilevers.