Technical Query- Clarification Required.
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Dear friends,
I am presently working in 35 storey building and my query is....
Apart from main core walls, a shear wall in a building is added after 7th floor in a particular direction to restrict the lateral deformation and the wall is from 8th to 35th floor. There is no transfer beams at 7th floor level to carry all the wall loads from 8th to 35th floor. So, the proposal is to provide a deep beam 400x800m at all levels and the laod is transfered to the beam at each level, so that no loads will be cumulated below levels, to avoid transfer beams. The wall and its reinf. in ecah floor is stopped below the soffit of beam and no reinforcement is continued, to avoid the continuity.

My query is follows:
1. Whether any expansion joints required between bottom of beam and top of wall to care of cracking in the beam?.
2. Whether expansion joint is must to avoid load transfer to below levels,even reinforcement is not continued?.

Please provide ur suggestion in this regard.
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