Biaxial Footing Design


RCC Isolated Footing Biaxial - IS method

This spreadsheet is on bi-axial design of isolated footing using IS method. This
bi-axial footing design can take care of both the cases of Positive and Negative pressure. This is a truly bi-axial design where both the moments and vertical force is taken care of at the same time to get their combined effect on footing design. The yellow cells are input cells. The user should not touch other cells at all. The first work-sheet is to be used when
positive pressure develops. The second work-sheet is to be used when negative pressure develops. However, when negative pressure develops this critical problem is to be solved by using a solver, which is on sheet1 and sheet2. Sheet1 and sheet2 is basically same. But sheet1 supplies the max bearing pressure and sheet2 supplies the maximum effective pressure. When the negative pressure develops, use relevant worksheet and then RUN SOLVER on sheet1 and on sheet2 to get the required pressure. To run the solver on sheet1 and on sheet2 use this command from Menu bar ``Tools-solver-solve-ok``.
And the pressure on the design sheet is updated automatically. Please follow the
inserted comment tags on the sheets to understand the sheet easile. If any
body wants to interact with me then can send me mail to

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RCC Isolated Footing Biaxial - IS method
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