p-delta analysis in ETABS

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dear sirs,

i have 3 questions.
1. can you give me some brief about p-delta analysis, how it behaves calculated and interpreted in ETABS.
how ETABS work on p-delta analysis.
2. what are the bases to determine the number os mode shap in ETABS.
3. according to IS 1893 story drift shall not be exceed 0.004 times of story height, then what will be the total displacement of building.
4. i one of my project of commercial use the total load comes on the base is 49000 tonn the SBC of the site is 29t/sqm. plan area of building is 35m*35m height is 136m. the raft of 4000mm depth with 7m cantilever spread doesn't comes under control. will the decision pile foundation be more efficient in this situation


#1 submitted by naman247 on Thu, 08/30/2012 - 10:02

Hello Sefians

Can anybody tell how we would perform P-Delta analysis in ETABS?
It is said that we have to perform P-Delta analysis on reduced sections
So can anybody tell me how we would go about it ?