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Dear sir & all sefi members

I am first time user of this forum, & I am very glad that we have such forum in india where we can ask questions & share our knowledge to each other, Thaks to SEFI Team,

Now my question is that, What is the allowable limit for Laterial Sidesway in case of Seismic,
As i referred to Is Code 1893 part1,
it is given that the max limit for story drift is 0.004 of height, so is it for Total no of storey or for only one storey or floor.
& I would like to know that is there any difference b/w storey drift & sidesway or both has same meaning.
Please Clear my doudt.



#1 submitted by kumarshantveerayya on Mon, 01/31/2011 - 12:15

refer IS-456 ; you wil find its H/500