STAAD parameters

In engineering program's design processor, the definition of member design parameters for large structures are enormus.  For such structures,  to maintain accurate input and for proper review of the design parameters, it is a general practice to tabulate the member list and corresponding design parameters in spreadsheet form.    However, supplying the bulky input in design processor either graphically or using text editor is extremely cumbersome and laborious.  
This spreadsheet solution helps creating text input data from design parameter tabulated in Excel.  
The spreadsheet is simple to use and quickly generates text input from tabulated data.  The sample input and output generated is retained in the workbook for first-time users.  Also, descriptive HELP with do's and don'ts will assist user familiarizing the program
Users are also requested to provide feedback, report discrepancy or give suggestions.

Jignesh Chokshi
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This spreadsheet produces STAAD design parameter text input data from design parameters tabulated in Microsoft-Excel spreadsheet
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