Overlaping footing

Category:support request

1) I am facing a problem for overlping footing to each other,the column positions are such that,columns are positned to different angles from one another. Please help to solve this problem. What checks to be followed in such cases.
2) I am confused in detailing steel bars for footing,weather we should provide longer bar first or shorter bar first how that is decided.

3) Another thing i want to ask you while designing a residential building.some times we have too follow column positions given by architect,even though they are structurally not good.
In that case how should we tackle such problem to give safe design.Ideally how should we deside column positions( I mean to say which factor decides position of column,is it moment of inertia or any other please clear my query.

4) When to provide top reinforcement to slab or footing & how to calculate it.