Measurement of bend dimension for stirrups and links
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Can any one derive the length calculation for the closed stirrups as per the IS-CODE 2502 1963
They have have given the closed stirrups (135degree hook) as
Total length = (2*(A+E))+(24*bardia )
explain how the 24 bardia is calculated


#1 submitted by sknsrinivasan on Fri, 07/12/2013 - 10:01

for 90 drgee bent (A+E-1/2R-d) cut length of bar . Generally the Deduction 90 degree bend only R calculated from IS 1786 cal9.4.1 Diameter of Mandrel

For stirrups having 3 90 drgee hook and 2 135 drgee hook No deduction for 135 drgee hook
For Example Beam size 200X600 cover to stirrups 25mm The size of stirrups required 150mmX550 Assume stirrups Dia 8mm Hook length 75mm
Cut length of stirrups
(150+550)X2-(10+8)X3+hook length (150)=1496mm