Structural Status Investigations for Mullai Periyar Dam, Kerala & Tamil Nadu
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As a key Sr. Engineer I was involved with “Mullai Periyar Dam – Empowered Committee Work of taking Digital Video Photography through the boreholes in core heartiness of Main & Baby Dam”. and was one for carrying this important assignment for the committee.

This was to help define the realistic Structural Status of the 119Year old Dam for its Stability Concerns due to age of the dam and the interstate dispute arose.

Special Technology based service could be deployed due to our Joint Venture of our Aquatech with USA Expert Company and sophisticated instrumentation's used which helped carry out the specialized Biopsy test for the Dam. Dispute was with Supreme Court for Resolution.

As per the media reports appearing recently;

The Supreme Court-appointed empowered committee on the Mullaperiyar dam, over which Tamil Nadu and Kerala are at loggerheads, has concluded that the 119-year-old structure is "safe" and asked the Kerala Government to reconsider its proposal to build a new dam.