Smart Google Search Tips - "Tall building"

Smart Google Search Tips for Engineers

Simple Google search for the string “tall building” will give 2.24 Million pages on the web. One can narrow down this search by providing clue to the Google.

Clue means telling Google to search within particular site/domain/country/company/university etc.

The Google Option to find the “tall building” string within domain/website are following
• Searching within American Universities – site:edu
• Searching within British Universities –
• Searching within IIT Bombay site –
• Search within Indian Companies – site:in
• Search within SEFI website

The string “tall building” can be found inside any of the following file types
• Microsoft Word file ( Clue for Google – filetype:doc )
• Microsoft Excel File ( Clue for Google – filetype:xls )
• Microsoft Power Point Presentation file ( Clue for Google – filetype:ppt )
• Acrobat PDF file ( Clue for Google – filetype:pdf )
• Post Script file ( filetype:ps)

Examples of Using Google Smart (Advance) Search:

If one wants to find the string “tall building” within the website of Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat (, Use following in Search box
“Tall Building”

Similarly to find the string “Tall building” inside IIT Bombay website, Type following in
in Search box
“Tall Building”

Searching Particular File format:

One can find only Power Point Presentation file containing the string “Tall Building” through Universities in America, using following input in Search Box
“Tall Building” site:edu filetype:ppt

Google can help to find only PDF files containing the complete phrase
“Tall Building” inside Universities in UK using following information inside search box
“Tall Building” filetype:pdf

Searching the string “Tall Building” within Acrobat PDF files on American University websites
“Tall Building” site:edu filetype:pdf

Use of Both filetype and site clue will make google search quick and effective

Hemant Gor, GorHemant@Gmail