Slab Design

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Hai friends,
I am design a slab for a span of 6.21 m X 5.18 m. The edge condition is one short edge discontinuous. A 9 inch wall of 3.3m height is located at the center of the slab along the longer direction.
The total of partion and Floor finish load is 2.5 kN/m2.
I have provided 150mm thick slab thickness, Y 10 @ 175mm c/c in the shorter direction and Y 10 @ 200mm C/C in the longer direction,
The deflection of the slab is safe.

My question is
1)Concealed beam can be provided at the location of the wall.
2) Concealed beam may be (230 x 150 mm)
with 3 Y 10 at Top and Bottom with Y 8 at 200 mm c/c stirupps.
3) Whether this is ok? or any other special design for the slab or beam has to be provided?

With Regards,
Er. Madhivanan G.


#1 submitted by vikram.jeet on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 05:49

Short span is 5.18m.
Loading self 375 + 20 ceiling finish + 100 +75 finishes + 300 LL =870 kg / m2

9" wall load at centre(line load) = 1550 kg/m
( Pl try to put 4.5" partition instead of 9" otherwise use 8"light wt foam cc blocks.)
If not possible then calculate bending moments for udl based on IS 456 coeffs.
For wall load calculate BM separately using Reynold HB or in absence consider as WL/6 considering three edges continuous. Provide 80% along short span and 50%along long span to be added to already worked UDL BM's at top sd well as bottom.
Best wishes