Slab Design

Hai friends,
I am design a slab for a span of 6.21 m X 5.18 m. The edge condition is one short edge discontinuous. A 9 inch wall of 3.3m height is located at the center of the slab along the longer direction.
The total of partion and Floor finish load is 2.5 kN/m2.
I have provided 150mm thick slab thickness, Y 10 @ 175mm c/c in the shorter direction and Y 10 @ 200mm C/C in the longer direction,
The deflection of the slab is safe.

My question is
1)Concealed beam can be provided at the location of the wall.
2) Concealed beam may be (230 x 150 mm)
with 3 Y 10 at Top and Bottom with Y 8 at 200 mm c/c stirupps.
3) Whether this is ok? or any other special design for the slab or beam has to be provided?

With Regards,
Er. Madhivanan G.