Boundary Element Design In etabs Model
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Assigned:Maulik Hothi

Dear all

This is my first time to post in sefindia. I learn so many thinks from this platform.

I am Confusion with result of boundary element Design in etabs Model and manual design of boundary element as par IS Code 13920 2016

Etabs give Boundary Element size by this equation
Pleft = p/2+Mu/(Lw-0.5*B1left0.5*B1right)
(Pright = p/2-Mu/(Lw-0.5*B1left0.5*B1right)
and reinforcement is near about 3.5 % to 4% in Boundary element.

But When I design as per IS Code 13920 2016 Annex-A, Boundary Element size is very less as compare to etabs result.

I think Etabs dose not use IS Code 13920 2016 Annex-A Equation for for boundary element design...

Correct me if am wrong

Maulik Hothi
Structural Engineer