Long Cantilever Beam Design

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Dear Sir,
Great to Learn knowledge from here about Civil Engineering. I am facing design problem as to provide a cantilever of FB104 which 11'4" need to support another beam. The beam is like this. The architect was told to remove the rounded column. How can we design that large cantilever beam (3.5M).


#1 submitted by vikram.jeet on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 05:07

Cantilever beams can be designed but most important is the supporting column and it's foundation .Also cantilever beam must continue beyond this column up to some interior column in same grid.,
If continuous beam beyond this col, then additional vertical load on supporting col will be = M/L where M is can't moment and L is back side continuous span. In sayad it will be taken care auto.
If beam not continued , then column to be designed for entire can't moment + other direction moment .Also foundation must be designed for entire can't moment and stability against overturning must be checked. Footing may need bottom reinforcements as well as top reinforcements.
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