Webinar 118: Testing for Longer Life & Advanced NDT

Event Date: 
Friday, 26. February 2021

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Epicons Friends of Concrete glad to announce WEBINAR -118

Testing for Longer Life & Advanced NDT


  • Mr. Jayant Kulkarni Sr. Structural Consultant, Concrete Expert, EPICONS
  • Mr. Arvind Parulekar NDT Expert, EPICONS
  • Mr. Saiprasad Gaonkar Advanced NDT Expert, IRCLASS
  • Moderator:
    Mr. Vivek Apte Sr. Structural Engineer,

Topics to be covered in this Webinar 118-

  1. What decides Service Life of RCC Structures
  2. Are the provisions of IS456:2000 adequate for longer life - say 100 Years
  3. Is specifying grade of Concrete is enough
  4. Relationship between Permeability and Durability
  5. Few Permeability related Tests for Durability, during construction stage
  6. Role of ND Testing in Assessment of Durability of structures in service
  7. Various Permeability related Tests – Principles and Applications
  8. Introduction and Use of Advanced NDT for Durability –
    • Corrosion rate by ‘Galva Pulse instrument’
    • Corrosion mapping for larger areas – ‘Profometer Corrosion’
    • Concrete integrity by ‘Impulse Response Method’
  9. And many more….

When: Friday, February 26th, 2021 @04.30 PM to 06.30 PM

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Webinar coordinator: Ms. Viha Pol
M: 9152031321
E: secretary@epicons.com




Epicons Friends of Concrete

Jayant Kulkarni

(Webinar Convener)