Webinar 120 : Strengthening Techniques – Merits & Demerits

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Friday, 30. April 2021

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EFC is glad to announce

 Webinar 120 

Now Engineer friends, Let's look at Repairs & Rehabilitation scenario for RCC Structures

Strengthening Techniques  Merits & Demerits

Let's go back to basics and understand 3 principal strengthening techniques for RCC members

  • Strengthening by Fibber Composite  Mr. Sachin Chugh  Sika India  Expert in Design & Application
  • Strengthening by Steel plate Jacketing  Prof. (Retd). M. G. Gadgil  Sr. Consultant & Advisor
  • Strengthening by Concrete Jacketing  Mr. A. S. Parulekar  NDT Expert & Rehabilitation Specialist  

Moderator - Mr. P. P. Pandey  Concrete Technologist, Epicons Consultants

The webinar will elaborate upon  Properties of Materials in Use, Concepts in Design, Design Philosophy & Practical Applications, Guideline example of sample elemental design, off course Merits and Demerits… of every technique

On Friday, 30th April, 2021 at 4.30pm to 6.30pm on Zoom platform

For online registration link and flyer visit this link: https://www.sefindia.org/?q=node/778

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Professional           200/-                                                 

Faculty members  150/-                                               

Students                100/-

Webinar Coordinator Viha Pol - 9152031321

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Webinar Convener

Jayant Kulkarni

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