Webinar 125 - State-of-Art Approach for Earthquake Resistant Modern Buildings – Dampers & Base Isolators

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Saturday, 23. October 2021

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Announcement of Webinar 125

On Saturday, 23rd October 2021 from 4.0pm to 6.30pm

State-of-Art Approach for Earthquake Resistant Modern Buildings – Dampers & Base Isolators

Majority of the buildings the cost ratio of Structural and Non-Structural component is between 25:75 (the non-structural cost can even go up to 90% of the total building cost for specialized buildings).

Conventional technology to great extend cannot protect both Structural and Non-Structural component. Hence there is a genuine need for appropriate solution.

Dampers and Base Isolators provide direction for overcoming the problem.

Non-structural damage is governed by floor accelerations. There are no floor acceleration limits given in design code which ensures that the damage to both structural and nonstructural components will be negligible.

World over hospitals and important buildings are wanting to limit floor acceleration below 0.25G under Design Basis Earthquake. This can be achieved only by using Dampers and Base Isolators.

It's of utmost importance for Structural designer to understand the smallest of the details of designing Dampers and Base isolators.

India yet does not have the advanced performance-based design code or the codes to design dampers/isolation system. By attending webinar 125 professional structural engineers will get in depth knowledge of designing such systems in addition to a plethora of literature and practical hints on the design process.

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On October 23rd , 2021 from 4.00pm to 6.30pm

On zoom platform 

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Webinar Convener – Mr. Jayant Kulkarni