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Summary of E-Conf -Days 2 & 3

This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies. Thank Post    www.sefindia.org Forum Index -> E-conference on Durability of Concrete - Feb 27 to March 11 - 2012
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:07 pm    Post subject: Summary of E-Conf -Days 2 & 3 Reply with quote

Strict  Quality control  - - - A  Key to  Durability

The mood in  the  e-conference on  Durability of Concrete  has really  picked up  , and  why not ,
since talk is on Engineer's most essential  tool i.e. CONCRETE , which besides  providing  
structural strength (on compression front ) ,  could  be poured into any form /   shape  as
per requirements of aesthetics.  I personally feel that a religious QC is the key to success
in maintaining concrete durability as noted at top.

On day 2 and 3 , we have many interesting   postings   - - - - - - -

Er Suraj Singh has uploaded Note on Supplementary cementing materials  which is good for
budding engineers  as well as veterans equally. Admin sefi has already provided gist of this.

Mr Vijay Kulkarni while  responding to the querry on EPS concrete refer it as useful and  eco-friendly material in terms of its light weight, thermal insulation and fire resistance apart from its availability potential in India  but its use needs to be limited to  Non- Load Bearing walls only.

Er Naresh Reddy in his posting  feels that Ancient structures give us true lesson of Durability but innovative solutions  for Durablity must be thought of.

We also got very informative posting from leading bridge design expert Mr Alok Bhowmick  and I must compliment him for the substance of the posting.While discussing  the durability aspects of  Bridges in various countries with regard to  aggressive environment, extreme weather conditions, the bridges in India in most  part of country suffer from poor workmanship rather than other factors viz  chemical environment/inclement weather conditions.

Postings from Dr NS  is response to  +1000yr concrete.He also appreciated the work of  Er Suraj singh in this area.While responding to posting of  Mr Jignesh , the importance of proportions of conc mix ingredients is duly acknowledged for durability.Responding to the posting from Er Alok  Bhowmick , he also feels that for proper  workman ship , Training is
essential for all those handling the conc workwhile reminding  the   most forgotten  aspect of  durability/strength for concrete  i.e.   proper CURING.

Er Iyer also appreciated the need for proper mixing /pouring of concrete ingredients also  emphasizing on Testing of concrete.Er Milap Singh  expressed satisfaction  over information regarding newer material like EPS concrete

The exhaustive posting from Madam Alpa Sheth is a reality of present scenario of construction in terms of pace  without quality adherence.. Many  RMC suppliers also lack culture of record keeping,QC and integrity . There is no check over silt content and source of  ingredient materials.Concrete do not achieve strength  even after 48 days.Madam Alpa feels that there is adequate knowledge  available with us but problem is of attitude and motivation. I think her views  provide every Engineer /workman related to concrete production   to retrospect .(Admin sefi also responded to this posting
expressing  the need of strong law citing example of case document 962D of Council of American struct Ers)

Er Jignesh expects specific  discussions on  durability of concrete under sustained high  temp , severe conditions chemical attack and water resistant.Er Padmanabhan .G  , while  lauding the organisers of e conf  need expert views on concrete durability at  sites having   sulphate and chlorides and how to classify the site vulnerable to conc due  to such chemicals.Er Vikas Pai feels that it is  Owner's responsibility too for strict QC  procedure / provisions

Responding to Madam Alpa 's write up ,Dr NS expressd that rock dust  and foundary  sand can replace fine aggregate while expressing his deep concern over the RMC  not meeting required strength.He feels that IS 456 needs to address the conc strength  at 56 days for conc with fly ash/similar materials.

Er Jignesh must be appreciated for his active particaipation in discussions Thru his   posting  needs to know about the effects of sustained temperature  on conc produced  with flyash 20  percent content since not much is available in literature.He also cited  such situations where sustained high temp on conc exist at  m/c in  various industries.
( Er Malayala Sivaram kapil later responded to this query saying that Heat of Hydration  will reduce with use of Flyash and use of GGBFS is still better)

Er Alok bhowmick once again pleased us on sefi by posting a ppt presentation on Durability provisions contained in latest bridge Code   IRC -112 (2011) and deserves special thanks.

Posting from overseas by Er Moruf O Usuf  list various aspects of using flyash in concrete ,favorable/unfavorable.Er Arun Kashikar ,based on his experience  with RMC suppliers in Mumbai state that crushed sand (due to non availability
of river sand ) must be Zone II VS I sand.RMC is  based on SEVERE exposure  condition but for  temperature,it is   not at all controlled.Er Gattani want Govt to explicitly prescribe QS for RMC plants.

Posting from another veteran Er K C  Francis  , a well known sefian, also list the steps  to achieve durability  with special emphasis on Curing and maintaining  stipulated W/C ratio.

Posting from Er Amit Haridas (thru admin) is encouraging . It is felt that profit  making  at large has crept into conc production  even though we have better construction materials presently.Curing is most neglected and forms are removed quite  early  than stipulated time , all affect durability /longevity.Lack of training is also a cause
against durability.

Looking forward to more participation and with thanks & regards

Conf  - Raconteur

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