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Mullai Periyar Dam -Quality Confirmation by Digital Imaging

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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 8:10 am    Post subject: Mullai Periyar Dam -Quality Confirmation by Digital Imaging Reply with quote

Mullai Periyar Dam issue is a shear political issue wasting Money, Energy & Time by playing with sentiments of people by creating simple divides on state base. Problems of Engineering reaching Supreme Courts is not a good sign for this country & its future..

Main points made out in the issue are:
1.     The dam is 119 years old.
There are many structures older than this even 1000yr old in Maharashtra. An assessment on proactive basis and regular Maintance is the answer.
2.     Sustained Seismic effects.
The assessments are possible on modern technologic frameworks available. Same is the case with Koyna Dam or many similar structures.
3.     Leakages to the dam structure.
This is a obvious feature associated with any water retaining structures.
CONCLUSION: Therefore, with every possibility, Dam will prove to be a bomb for Kerala on Down stream.
Alternate Dam is the must and only solution next to the Dam site!

Any Structural Expert will tell if the structure has inherent weakness will come down with or without any notice the next day if not the next moment. It does not need an iota of assumptions & presumptions either positive or negative from a layman or even of an expert IITian. Why our politicians do not understand this as a basic problem with a fundamental entities in a business of serving the people. There are many structures older than this. Also suppose, age of a patient even by the best of the Global Doctor's be assessed and defines as say 25years for any reason, it does not mean he should leave this beautiful world at the end of 25th year because of his certification. But by appropriate medication and strengthening the same its likely, his chance to survive more can always be exploited.. If the Doctor wants and insist to hang for certifying his certificate then it's a different case..

Ever since the initiation of this illusion and the big fight within two important states, huge costs already involved for combating the situation, massive energies of the people wasted from both states and sizable developmental opportunities being circumvented. For "we the people” of this nation needs to take due notice of. An economist may to evaluate the loss of opportunity of wealth due to keeping the levels at low levels of 132ft. It may sure be over and above value of another Dam. Moral of the story is without fight the progress would have been high. Peace & harmony is therefore a must. We need Leaders to encourage this at the same time people should discourage the Dirty Leaders who are in favor of rift & fighting spirit dividing our own nationals across political boundaries. Another good example would be provided, had the India & Pak not separated calculate the costs incurred on defenses since 1947 and also find the amounts spend on frauds and scams on defense deals by those who seat on high powers of chairs after taking oath!. “We the People“therefore need to read the undermining message in order to better our future generations..!

These very important Life Line Structures of nation, from very point of development of our country, State & Central Govts need to be more careful to keep Structural Status Audits for effective compliance say for every 5to10 year for each structure involving the experts.
Old dam necessarily do not have life dependence only on periods defined by original designer as that stands just for guidance & simple guesstimations. There are structures older than this and still standing strong &well while some new ones come down when there is a real problem with Structural Status.

In last hundred years Science&Technology has progressed a lot. Authorities should make judicious use of the same through good helping hands of expert professionals to guide and help resolve such problems without disputes.
Mahendra Barde

WE WERE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ISSUE: As a key Sr. Engineer involved in “Mullai Periyar Dam – Empowered Committee Work of taking Digital Video Photography through the boreholes in core heartiness of Main & Baby Dam” In order to help define the realistic Structural Status of the 119Year Dam for its Stability Concerns due to age of the dam and the interstate dispute arose. Special Technology based service could be deployed due to our Joint Venture of our Aquatech with USA Expert Company and sophisticated instrumentation's used which helped carry out the specialized Biopsy type test obtaining live digital imagery providing Qualitative Double Confirmation for the material matter status for the Hearting of the Dam.

The Supreme Court-appointed empowered committee on the Mullaperiyar dam, over which Tamil Nadu and Kerala are at loggerheads, has concluded that the 119-year-old structure is "safe" and asked the Kerala Government to reconsider its proposal to build a new dam.
The five-member committee headed by former Chief Justice of India Justice AS Anand also recommended that the water level at the dam, located in Kerala's Idduki district and maintained by Tamil Nadu Public Works Department, can now be raised to 142 ft from the existing 136 ft.
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