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Happy Engineers Day
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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 4174
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:36 am    Post subject: Human being Reply with quote

Engineer must be excellent human first, which character is lacking now

kishorpss wrote:
Hi all,

We design,
We construct,
We observe,
We initiate,
We drive,
We move,
We accelerate the world,
We are the gears of progress,
We are the future of nation,
We are the ENGINEERS
and I am proud to be an ENGINEER,


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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 4174
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:54 am    Post subject: Engineers & Working Crews Reply with quote

Engineers & Working Crews
I am not proud to be called an engineer, because I do not value, based upon efforts of all those, we achieve deliveries in construction engineering
No one has written any single word for all those hard working crews in construction, because of whom, cities are built, palaces are delivered & designed are given shape
How many of ourselves did raise voice, when millions of our junior colleagues / workers walked on road in hot Sun, during lock down, but kept supporting inhuman GOI
All injustices were caused to these unfortunate poor class of engineering workers, by rulers & even by Judiciary!!!
If Engineers cannot speak for their real organised structures, we have no right to be proud of, because it is we that extract work from these workers, for they trust Engineers. If they do not trust us, we can never be successful
We must have learn lessons from Bharat Ratan Dr Vishvesharya sincerely
He use to stand with workers in Sun to help & guide them & thereby, got success
But, we have not learnt anything
It is never too late
Engineers & our crews are nation builders
If we fail, nation can never be built
I am late in responding, because I was involved in accident on September 12, 2020, operated on 14th & 18th September & now, bed ridden for say 3 months, because of ankle & hip fracture
I missed September 15th 2020 Engineers Day

Thanks & Warm Regards
IntPE(India)Suraj Singh FIE Civil
Engineering & Arbitration

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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 4174
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 11:29 am    Post subject: 54th Engineers Day - September 15, 2021 Reply with quote

Bharat India
The Institution of Engineers (India)
The IEI Charter 1935
54th Engineers Day - September 15, 2021
Bharat India 2021
                                                Eng Sir M. Visvesvaraya in his 40s
                                                 19th Diwan of Mysore Kingdom
                                       In office   1912–1918

Skill Development & Employment in COVID-19

Deliberations on
Quality & Safety

Eng Suraj Singh FIE C Eng (India)

1     Wish you every engineer, best on this day, though my feelings & minds do not permit me to greet this way, on this day, because of ‘quality non performance’ issues, do commonly exist & this scenario in fact, lacks credibility in general.
2     I also, wish all others, who are non engineers, best for this day for their continuous involvement in development of this nation since 1947
3     Skill development is very elementary, an issue in engineering, that applies to all levels of professionals, but what value have we accorded to that requirement must be contemplated.
4     It is also, unfortunate that despite our nation having crore/s engineers in various disciplines, we have to confer on this issue, while engineering itself must include expert skills within itself, or else, how can we call engineering a Skill?
5     We are not new in engineering in this nation Bharat India. In fact, we have been doing in engineering for many decades for purpose to develop this nation, but have we cared about that? Everyone is required to respond to this question
6     Has quality systems helped its own purpose towards enriching skills?
7     Have engineers realized significance of quality & if yes, to what extent?
8     We always claim that we are world class engineers & of course, theoretically, we do have those standards, but are all those standards transformed to real physical products, which requirements can be questioned for constructive outcome
9     Skills in professions with strength of such a large pool must lead to production of very skilled crafts workers & technician professionals, but we have been unable to find excellent skilled level technicians or crafts workers at frontline levels
10     Engineers that are notified academically qualified out of either institutions or universities do not have concrete reliable working skills for purpose of straight execution of technologies, but they certainly require multi years engagement on job for learning, which state indicates that our engineering training lacks from practical viewpoint, because our system does not demand work experienced professionals to be a part of education systems, rather we believe that only degree title is adequate for purpose to be being entitled engineers.
11     Our design of educations systems have been in controls of those academicians, who never ever got any working engineering experience & systems are certainly organized by them, which delivers futility, relating to skills
12     Quality is a Lead issue for foregoing objective to attain, because factually speaking, quality has not been adequately understood to be realized by professionals & if some do understand, they have no rigid approach adopted for required power to implement it, due to whatever reasons, for employment continuation is necessary or administrations never bother about quality thinking that quality adherence can generate losses on profits or it may cost more time
13     All such contemplations & considerations are fictitious in factual working, because quality requirement compliance can never be responsible for losses, rather it adds to value added product deliveries. Value addition gives a mark of professionalism in production, industries & in construction in each & every sector
14     Public generally thinks of what they see & they never watch behind scene, because that activity or those activities are not explained to them.
15     Public considers what they see is engineering.
16     For example, how building is constructed, when they see that, they think about that it is engineering & every one can do that, while all other research work, analysis work & design works are ignored, because they never know about that.
17     गुणवत्ता + हादसों से सुरक्षा + शक्ति उपयोग
18     +Quality+SHE+Ergonomics
19     गुणवत्ता बिना सब करम बेकार
20     Quality Required Everywhere, & in Every Activity In Life & In Engineering,
21     गुणवत्ता हर काम में आवश्यक
22     सुरक्षा बिना सब करम बेकार
23     उत्पादन हो या उद्योग या निर्माण SHE Required Everywhere, during manufacturing & in construction & also, during use of products, whereas
24     शक्ति उपयोग  Ergonomics is a science that tells everyone, about how to use available energies for doing work activities, in best possible manner, So that worker is least impacted upon by adverse actions
25     These requirements are Certainly Must, No way to respond to No,  Ask Yourself
26     No Way Out, & without [Good Quality Compliance applications + Good SHE Compliance applications, nothing can move in right directions]
27     SHE is very 1st consideration on every activity, on every project & on every operation, supported by Ergonomics
28     SHE claims that  Safety First!
29     If safety is conducted, what happens &
30     If safety is ignored, what happens!!!
31     सुरक्षा  हे तो दर्द नहीं , सुरक्षा  नहीं हे तो दर्द ही  दर्द
32     Know safety No pain & No safety Know pain
33     गुणवत्ता की आवश्यकता हर कार्य में  Quality Has To Be Complied With Defined Requirements, within ambit of work specifications
34     Quality ranges in elaborations, depending on indicative descriptions & there exists no unlimited scope of quality criteria, to be carried out
35     No future, if no quality persists & its specified requirements must be met.
36     गुणवत्ता  आवश्यक  Quality is a Must!!!
37     अभियंताओं को समझना होगा  Engineers must realize quality facts & in particular, civil engineers have to change quality aspect of society or else, quality cannot exist!
38     Systems’ quality to be devised & achieved + broken system means broken life, linked to broken system
39     Professional’s individual working capacity quality to be amended from time to time & one must be forced to amend its quality for obtaining reliability, by additional learning / due teaching & by additional knowledge dissemination + Relevant element or product defined quality to be achieved +
40     Individual’s required attitude quality to be streamlined +
41     Individual’s dedication to work to be applied on actions+
42     Work commitment to be made & fulfilled for delivery+
43     All other parameters to deal with, per quality requirements
44     Designs of structures & others, Must Be Made Decisive, Safe, Qualitative & must be Reliable for prosecution
45     All stages designs being significant, but merely, design does alone not suffice, if construction & development are not affected to specified marks, required or defined quality requirement cannot be allowed to be ignored
46     Design drawings must have quality input & duly coordinated to produce working details, keeping abreast site working conditions & culture, for site cannot be relied upon automatically, but provide clear notes, specify properly & explicitly in a good communicative manner
47     Construction Based on Reasonable Coordinated Construct able Quality Designs + SHE
48     All activities must be taken care of, but it does not happen, reasons being lethargy in attitude & undue strains in minds, why should site work suffer, because of deficiencies in designs?
49     Design accountability must be fixed, if accountability on constructed product or element is required. Design & Construction qualities are complimentary to each other & without integrated coordination, Activities worked upon shall result in lesser quality results
50     Construction Method Statement,  a Must, for work implementation & therefore, must be charted out professionally, no concession can be allowed on this activity
51     Expression of specific details in convenient format for work performance & define / elaborate performance, or else, no work can be carried out in sequence & output suffers, resulting in bad standards works produced. Method statements must be made necessary for activities implementation or else, diverse ways can be adopted by site teams, without achieving any level of uniformity & consistency
52     Time!!! Is Irrecoverable, for it never comes back, if lost without application of required controls
53     [Unchangeable within controls] Cost [Invariable, escalation??!!]
54     Risks [Risks must be foreseen for resolutions, for damages are not tenable & must be controlled, in advance. Inexperienced engineers may prove inefficient in viewing such risks based emergencies & therefore, thorough deliberations or brainstorming must be conducted, based on available data input.
55     Risks must be clearly defined to reach its necessary resolution & to convert to work convenience or else, risk can be very expensive in terms of lives & costs]
56     Reliability + Must be accessibility defined & achieved! Must be maintainability defined!
57     Reliability = Safety from all involved factors + successful serviceability of intended purpose + mandate durability of it working life + accessibility + maintainability + all other necessary resources involved applicable knowledge areas’ factors, which resources, must be understood & achieved in all procedures or else, one should learn, before taking responsibility & all foregoing issues must be considered along with all possible risks
58     Analysis / professionally very significant
59     Analysis A master tool for work contemplation
60     Analysis Is considered an exclusive engineering basis & intellectual’s tool, that can penetrate into all problems & unearth required solutions & there exists no way, from where or through which, analysis approaches could be avoided
61     Analysis A Must [all problems to be understood by this approach]
62     Synthesis must follow results of Analysis
63     An analytical based engineering result to apply & analytical based performance, provide/s a chain of solutions that can be named Synthesis, after all solutions are integrated per requirement of suitability
64     [All solutions network must reach compatibility]
65     Thinking        Unlimited &&& An only way!!!
66     Contemplation &&& Must be achieved
67     Applications must be effected = +++Engineering++
68     [Quality Non Conformance Product is Called Substandard & Therefore, Rejected]
69     Non Conformance means ‘engineer’ is, either ‘careless’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘incompetent’ one & therefore, is a  ‘redundant’ personnel
70     We must change to meet requirements to achieve intended quality standards for universal recognition of products or goods
71     Quality Requirements Checks Being  A Must
72     Missing which, we have to blame ourselves for Quality Achievement Failure
73     Engineering means Quality Application & Continuous Improvement of Quality ‘CIQ’
74     No way exists not to comply with defined or specified quality levels, because definition of quality is a must & that definition requires to be achieved, or else, work leads to status of being unsuccessful & to be re-performed
75     Quality & COVID-19
1     Quality must play its role in all works that are carried out in all engineering disciplines & also, in all non engineering disciplines, reason being that quality adds to life standards
2     Disciplines pertinent all works’ Safety constitutes always of immense volumes & all such requirements must be forced to be qualitative in each & every respect
3     Safety application or upkeep absence can lead to loss of lives & loss of materials & other properties must be considered qualitatively, with no degree of compromise on its requirements, even if, certain force is imposed on engineers, in name of cost savings
4     Engineers must have determination to keep safety intact on works for sake of human resources & all involved equipment or else, our resources are subject to waste permanently
5     COVID-19 has taught whole world, about not being careless, yet world did not learn any lesson from viewpoint of safety & quality.
6     No health quality in fact, did work world over, but claims had been made for decades that many nations are best in quality, which they could be comparatively, but not originally.
7     All nations such as USA, UK & many others that always boosted of their attained efficiency in medical world have failed in presence of COVID-19.
8     Nations failed to understand impacts of COVID, while no one even today, knows its effects, yet ad-hoc measures are being resorted to in name of loss prevention or so called precautionary measures, though those too have not resulted, as expected. COVID-19 has proven its power of smartness & we have proved that we are not smart enough to handle such issues
9     Vaccinations have not worked as had been expected, for its effects have also, been overtaken by COVID-19-Delta & in future may be more severe mutations could appear to harm humanity
10     Not only this issue of handling COVID-19, we failed in handling our construction & industrial human resources, on whom our development depends & with no focus on using powers to support them, allowed & in fact indirectly forced them by ignoring them, considering involved issue on too low profiles of administration & even PMO failed to realize difficulties faced by our workers & their families walking in high temperate conditions on roads for many hundreds & thousands Kms, what a pity of nation’s organizations
11     We did not in fact consider them as our members in society & left them to their fate & unfortunately, no engineers raised any voice against regime & we ignored to speak completely, in favour of these struggling human resources.
12     How can we claim that we are engineering quality society? Are these workers not ours?
13     Do they not work for us? In fact, our engineering community failed to stand frankly & did not help them. We locked our lips, just fearing of certain adverse actions that government could resort to against us.
14     I can realize that it is distant dream that our engineers can understand about, what quality means, because for them quality means to stand with government & not with quality standards
15     Go to whatever project, you shall find no quality conducted anywhere on constructions or on manufactured products, whether under governments controls of under private controls
16     I did not see any where that even, reinforcing bars are protected from rusting & these are used, without any due care for rust removal & no one questions.
17     You can buy whatever product, I can assure that generally all products are available, without quality compliance, but organizations have gotten all quality certificates, under quality systems such as ISO 9001-2015
18     I shall appeal to engineers that they must abide by quality controls, quality requirements & quality systems in respective entirety
19     Only that way, we can say that we have celebrated Indian Engineers Day 2021
20     We should remember that Engineers work means Nation Develops

Engineers Work Means Nation Develops

Warning: Make sure you scan the downloaded attachment with updated antivirus tools  before opening them. They may contain viruses.
Use online scanners
here and here to upload downloaded attachment to check for safety.
Engineers Day 2021.pdf
54th Bharat India Engineers Day in 2021

 Filename:  Engineers Day 2021.pdf
 Filesize:  489.77 KB
 Downloaded:  61 Time(s)

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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 4174
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:43 am    Post subject: 15.09.2021-Bharat India 54th Engineers Day 2021-Engineers for Skill Development & Employment in combating COVID” Reply with quote

2 Hours Video
15.09.2021-Bharat India 54th Engineers  Day 2021-Engineers for Skill Development & Employment in combating COVID”
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Joined: 26 Jan 2003
Posts: 3247

PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 4:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Happy Engineers Day 2021 to P Eng Suraj Saheb and all engineers on  sefi

Sir Suraj Saheb , on this Occasion of ED , I  appreciate your educating attitude to enlighten not only young Engineers but veteran like me on issues of QUALITY ASSURANCE in Construction. Your postings are regular keeping the forum vibrant , sometimes very early morning , which show yr intent as Engineer for betterment of execution Standards .

As rightly stated by you Sir, that all stages of design significant  , but design alone do not suffice , if construction & development not upto mark.

One again wishing ERs Day to all
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Joined: 09 Nov 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:26 pm    Post subject: Happy Engineers Day 2021. Reply with quote

Dear  Sefi  Friendrs ,

        HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY 2021 .


Vasudeo Pandya  P.E.
Structural Engineer
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