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Observations-Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking

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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
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Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2022 10:56 am    Post subject: Observations-Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking Reply with quote

Doc # SSD II/06/(19914) July 2022
Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking

Item 1
a     Proof checking Consultancy services should be ‘Design Engineering services’, because Designers must own responsibility. Both designers including Proof Checker

Item 2

a     Build & Deliver mode does not suit herein.  It must be ‘only construction’ mode
b     All designs are provided by Owner to Constructor or contractor or whosoever would be contractor. Owner’s appointed Engineer must deliver all designs, not only civil & structural but all services included through services specialist professional designers
c     BOQ cannot be included within Lump Sum Contract documents in particular
d     Because, responsibility of quantification must be owned by constructor or contractor, if it is Lump Sum fixed price contract
e     All design documents must be well coordinated for proper constructability
f     FEED must be demanded, prior to commencement of proposed designs
g     FEED help in required design philosophy & design route to be followed
h     No ifs & buts & just trials, which would be avoided, if proper FEED is available

Comprehensive design consultants
a     Comprehensive design consultants must be replaced by ‘Engineer’ related to project, which Engineer shall be referred to Contract ‘Engineer’ for all disciplines involved on project

Constructor or contractor
a     Organization or person absolutely responsible for project prosecution / execution in all respects on Lump Sum contracts for whole construction including period of maintenance & duration of warranted items

Design build & delivery
a     Design build & delivery mode should be replaced by EPC contract
b     Engineering, Procurement & Construction contract, which includes complete responsibility on project, based on defined elaborate scope of contract
c     Contract cannot claim any extra undue amount or sum, once EPC agreement consideration / fixed price / sum is entered into
d     Engineers must learn contracting discipline, because advocates are not well trained per education scheme. Contracting is only an optional subject in legal education
e     Only experienced engineers can understand contracting & therefore, all engineers including design engineers must have working knowledge of contracts to avoid being grabbed or grilled by shrewd contractors
f     Delivery is not simple on many projects in particular plants projects, where pre commissioning, commissioning including testing are of paramount significance, which are otherwise ignored, if not taken care of

a     Owner means employer / promoter of project in whatever status. Could be government or private or corporate or promoter whosoever
b     Overall responsibility is owned by owner & therefore, Owner appoints engineer, contractor & whosoever else is required
c     In many very significant time bound projects, where procurement becomes extremely critical keeping abreast time part, with help of engineer, specific material procurement is decided prior to contract is awarded & complete supply agreement is entered into, which at later, stage during contract currency is transferred to contractor responsibility by operation of novation

Principal design consultant
a     Principal design consultant should be redefined as engineer, because of legal responsibility, which would then bind architects as well, for purpose of owing structural designs. Architects shall be  required to agree on what design engineer plans for

2.7 + 2.8
Proof checking engineer
a     Third party independent of design team, but must own responsibility & must be working in professional engineering fields of design & not just be an educationist alone

Structural designs
a     Add FEED requirement & thorough engineering & technical coordination into designs at design stage to avoid undue redesigns during construction
b     Structural design must keep in its consideration long term impacts on every structure & structural material installed, which could be impacted by hysteresis loss effects

Team leader
a     Team leader is an ‘Engineer’ defined within contract, who shall be responsible for all disciplines & in particular for designs, design engineer, to look after every discipline & disciplined in integrated status, so that coordination requirements are made.
b     Design should be self explanatory in notes forms all over, so that future reviewer must know about what happened during designs considerations

To continue in following further postings
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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 5744
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2022 10:48 pm    Post subject: Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking Reply with quote

Doc # SSD II/06/(19914) July 2022
Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking

Requirements for Services / Design Services
a     It should be Requirements of structural design services to avoid mix up with other allied services
b     All designs must be based on intended purpose of structural use for design life
c     Retrofitting aspects must be kept in design view for enhancing its working life
d     Comfort of users or occupants must be kept in every consideration
e     Safety, health & environment issues must be kept in every viewpoint whatsoever
f     And, on top of all work quality & related use, quality must be inducted in contemplation & therefore. must be defined in details within contract documents, as part of project specifications

Appointment of PDC
a     It should be replaced by project structural designer or project designer
b     When contractor scope includes design too in every respect, with full liability, EPC form or silver book is an only answer
c     Project designer can be appointed as sub contractor by EPC contractor, subject to employer’s approval
d     If EPC got its own in house design section, it may do designs self

a     It must always be a third party, but only professionals & not otherwise, those who have not experienced design in professions
b     PC must be pragmatic, well experienced & must have attained knowledge
c     Purpose of PC does not confine to signing design only, but to comprehend what has been design in real speaking state
d     PC may become part of investigation team in future if so required

Models of appointing PC
a     Not required
b     It s third party & payment is made by employer or owner
c     But, professionally, PC has to work independently like engineer works on projects for employer

Scope of responsibilities
a     Owns Responsibilities of project in its entirety, leaving nothing undefined
b     Owners liabilities & accountabilities are explained for approvals to its stake holders & customers
c     Failure of project leads to failure of owner & all others stakeholders including users involved financially & otherwise
d     All outcomes of good or bad works go to accountability & responsibilities of owner / employer / promoter
e     On construction contracts, owner provides complete design details through engineer defined within contract

Engineer for designs & engineer for supervision
a     Engineer is defined within contract as part of comprehensive contract documents
b     Engineer administers & supervises whole contract
c     Design is also, included as a part of contract document
d     Design review requires to be conducted by engineer, prior to prosecution of design to work on site related actions
e     Engineer must review soil investigation report in its entirety & must require contractor to conduct site bearing capacity test, if that is required per project specification or must exist certain item to ensure adequate bearing capacity being without any doubt, available on site
f     Engineer has to make sure that included designs within documents give comprehensive coordinated details, so that no inconsistency must be encountered during prosecution of every construction related activity
g     Engineer has to supervise all activities, either directly or through its resident engineer RE or engineer’s representative ER
h     Whatever work is carried out by contractor is absolute responsibility of contractor in every respect, even though engineer or its resident engineer approves every item carried out
i     Engineer has got no rights on such contracts for any lump sum price, to allow any deviation, without having obtained approval from project owner or employer, in case variations do exist on project, but owner’s approval for such extras or omissions or deletions being certainly must & should be reasonably approved within certain agreed percentages of project budget
j     Engineer has got every right to ask contractor to expose every item of work, if such item has been concealed, but no inspection was done for approval
k     If it is not conducted as such, no further activities shall be allowed to continue & payment stopped for such works
l     Resident engineer is just designated as a delegated engineer on project, while all responsibility is owned by engineer to an extent, contract administration of contract & related supervision being concerned
m     On EPC contracts, complete design is also, included as a part on scope of contract
n     All running or monthly work carried out related valuations must be scrutinized & approved by engineer to recommend release of contract payments to contractor, based on valuation proposal submitted by contractor

Proof Consultant be renamed proof design engineer
a     Must share responsibility of every design work reviewed
b     Must ask for clarification of every part of designs, if clarity remains absent
c     Design review engineer shall have to explain to investigation team, of its involvement scope & whether procedures complied with or not complied with
d     Design reviewer should not be considered just as a stamp sealer & signing authority, but it must do as a third part on designs
e     Proof itself indicates that all designs have been evidently scrutinized
f     Must review soil investigation reports, prior to finally & conclusively being in agreement for acceptability of soil parameters to be used for foundation designs
g     Must exist working coordination between design engineer & proof engineer

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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 5744
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2022 3:23 am    Post subject: Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking Reply with quote

Doc # SSD II/06/(19914) July 2022
Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking

a     Only party to deliver physical works from site takeover to site handover
b     Site takeover to site handover stages are very significant, for these relate to from contract commencement to contract practical completion / mechanical completion
c     Contractor has to work per contract designs in all respects, including compliance with general & project specification or particular specifications, drawn, by structural designer to an extent designs are concerned
d     All disciplines related specification must be included in details, keeping abreast engineering coordination requirements
e     All times on works, published codes cannot be coordinated, which means specifications must be detailed out explicitly & must be expressed, without having any ambiguity
f     Though specifications do not account for constructor or contractor’s scope of works on construction contract, but EPC contracts involve such specifications in all respects, including structural design parts
g     Contractor’s employed professional engineers must be well aware about bounds of such requirements to an extent project scope is concerned
h     Constructor or contractor is responsibility bound to produce working drawings & shop drawings from contract included schematic approved drawings, pertinent every discipline like architecture, structural, electrical, mechanical, heat ventilation & air conditioning, plumbing & drainage, external works whatsoever, including hard & soft landscape & all other requirement linked to digital world
i     Coordination among all disciplines are always very complicated & time consuming, which responsibility cannot be left entirely to certain updated software, but only engineer working on site shall have to resolve all conflicts or ambiguities
j     Role of structural engineer along with site architect comes into play along with senior specialists services engineers, who all have to coordinate together in a team structure for obtaining approval of all such working drawings & shop drawings from every discipline engineer & then contractual engineer
k     Without shop & working drawing duly approved, no works can be allowed to be carried out on woks & therefore, no work progress can move
l     Contractors have to provide adequate degree of required supervisory engineers from every discipline, including structures for purpose of site approvals, including engineering office activities & site activities
m     Role of site based design engineers & coordination engineers appear or meet herein into works, without whose support & complete processes, works cannot be completed
n     Such structural engineers are also, required to produce specifically very significant method statements for construction of structure purposes in project size permits design engineer position
o     Contractor must have duly established on such mega projects, engineering / designs section, quality section, construction section, planning section, safety section, contract section etc. per project requirement. Section can also, be named division
p     Contractors have to work in all such disciplines, per contract documents requirements, without any misses
q     Contractors must have controls of qualified or chartered engineers or professional engineers, duly approved for given project by engineer  
r     In case, BBS or bar bending schedule is required to be produced on site or at remotely located site part, this activity must be carried out only by a qualified design engineer to avoid site fabrication mistakes
s     To have various clarifications & confirmations, site technical queries, engineering queries & other day to day confirmations must be documented all times during whole currency of project
t     All drawings must be taken care of formal document control section reporting to project head or engineer or resident engineer or project agent or representative, whoever it may be, but must be a qualified engineer
u     Superseded drawings must be recorded separately & well registered for records
v     No superseded drawings should be available with site working personnel, after these are withdrawn or rejected
w     All drawings in used must be updated all times & must be recorded in drawings register, which should be available on intranet or on line per agreed arrangement
x     Quality aspect is too significant on all projects that have often been missed all over, due to unknown reasons. Why this aspect has been ignored practically by all including structural designers & other designers cannot be explained
y     Quality does not mean only testing controls, but it involves total controls
z     Quality must be visible being effective in all sections on all activities, which means that all documents must be delivered under required quality system & these must operate accordingly
aa     All documents must be speaking of respective status clearly, without delivering any sort of ambiguity. All details must be well coordinated & crystal clear. No one has got any right on any project to waste project time, for time means money loss. Time, cost & quality are very significant issues or parameters that must be considered seriously, in particular by designers for an ease of procuring constructability
bb     All engineers must be trained on quality system procedures, not just formally, but practically & no one should be allowed to deviate from those procedures
cc     Planning engineers should also, have coordination with structural engineers for clear understanding of site procedures & design requirements. Many engineers are not sure for time, involved activities consume, but just depend on obsolete of inapplicable data, that may not work on given project
dd     Since contractor is responsible for all disciplines, all disciplines must be carried over per requirement, but here emphasis is given to structural & architectural parts for this document
ee     Timely delivery of project from stages of designs to stage of practical delivery is responsibility of one & all like each & everyone is responsible for safely carrying out works
ff     If quality is not achieved by structural engineers responsible for structures, working life of structure can reduce, which amounts to indirect enhancement on cost of structural mechanism formation construction
gg     Quality cannot be ignored by any engineer, whosoever would be located at whatever profile or level or by all others. Quality must be given required place every where & if engineers cannot achieve this requirement, one got no right to call itself engineer
hh     It is therefore, too significant that specifications must be drawn very seriously & explicitly to make it convenient for all personnel to have clear comprehension of what works are going be like in doing activities
ii     Method statements or procedures carry heavy weight roles on all projects in relation to all activities. These methods statements must be drawn perfectly in line to limits of applicable specifications, so as to minimize time loss, quality loss etc. contractor has to deliver works per construction contract or EPC contract requirements & then to maintain works during occupation time or during operation times.
jj     Warranted items also, make strong entries on to project, which must be designed completely professionally, based on attained experience or else, application of warranted shall become very expensive as well as, very obstructive during delivered project operation time
kk     All foregoing points & views must have due regard by all engineers including designers & others directly related to
ll     No contractor can afford such losses due to negligence of its personnel
mm     No one should also, give way to disputes evolution of works, for this may lead to disputes resolution mechanism in sequence including engineer, DAAB & arbitration, which mechanism should be avoided to practically possible extent
nn     All involved items must therefore, be duly approved & all contract data must be taken care for implementation, without delays by maintaining time controls, cost controls & quality system efficiency
oo     Project must be designed & prosecuted  / executed completely professionally without any ifs & buts
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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 5744
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2022 5:33 am    Post subject: Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking Reply with quote

Doc # SSD II/06/(19914) July 2022
Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking
Categories of proof checking
a     It is better to leave this freedom to exist, between designer & scrutinizer to decide about what procedures both professionals shall have to follow
b     Whatever procedure do these professional follow should be in agreement & must be published to all involved such as, employer or owner or board or engineer, whatever it be for certification requirement
c     Every project has different size & must have varying designs & detailing, which could take time & all must be charted out in time bound schedule, so that well coordinated scrutiny could be made for proof certification
d     It must be kept in consideration that proof engineer has to own related scrutiny responsibility & cannot be just a titular professional without owning any responsibility

a     Professional organization or individual professional must have all equipment & devices required for conducting proof ensuring activity, with required professional assistance
b     Professional assistance must be adequately qualified academically & must have demanded experience for carrying out such activity. This professional must have detailed written procure or method of carrying out proof scrutiny actions in crystal clear manner
c     All digital files must be retrievable, without any loss of time & properly arranged per updated practice
d     There could be required many hundred drawings on many projects & all must be recorded in a professional way, so that no time is wasted & quality system prevails successfully

Academic qualification & experience
a     Required engineering degree Simply, mentioning years of structural designs experience are not adequate
b     Qualification must include structural related contractual aspects & specifying capability for clear establishing communication through documents to site operatives
c     Must have contractual warranty related aspect based knowledge for all structures to meet consequences of failure, if it happens
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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 5744
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2022 12:06 pm    Post subject: Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking Reply with quote

Doc # SSD II/06/(19914) July 2022
Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking

My Submission
1     It is not simply designs for construction, but quality design for constructions that is required
2     Quality does not mean herein just conducting quality controls, but an attempt to consider, while designing structures that ease of doing construction maintaining quality standards, without causing any construction hardships to site prosecutors
3     Design engineers should treat themselves as engineers & not just consultants, for involvement of responsibility, which must be an absolute
4     Quality issue must also, be considered by proof checking professional engineer
5     If structure is not carried out per quality organization management, resulting delivery shall not do what has been intended for during designs & proof scrutiny stages
6     It is necessary to get reliable suggestion & directions from expert construction experienced engineer, who have gone through struggles for doing structural activities
7     Engineer must keep in consideration that no quality performance means no reliable structure & reliability means sum of safety, service & durability & many more possible factors
8     For site quality requirements for all integral activities, it does not matter what has been done by design engineer as well as, proof checker, but what information is available for purpose of site execution / prosecution
9     Site engineers from both parties require clear & compact details for ease of construction
10     Engineer also, requires details in a manner that does not require any further clarification or confirmation for purpose of prosecution & execution
11     If time is wasted in engineering & technical queries, schedule of construction is adversely impacted upon, which means time loss, cost loss & quality loss
12     It has been seen on many facilities plants projects that just at time of, when concrete pour was due, change of reinforcing details & size of machine foundation had been communicated, resulting in delay of pour for couple of days
13     Specifications must be clearly defined by design engineers, after going through national & international concrete specification & other specifications
14     Site personnel expect fully required details from design engineers & design engineer cannot expect site professionals to carry out works per respective knowledge, which may be detrimental for project
15     To continue
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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 5744
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2022 4:41 am    Post subject: Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking+Integrated planning based Reply with quote

Doc # SSD II/06/(19914) July 2022
Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking

Integrated planning based projects & general
1     It is well known that major modern cities are developed based on integrated complexes, which should be well planned, keeping abreast inclusion all facilities & within infrastructure contained within. These are also, called self contained complexes & not just one or two structures or buildings
2     Such mini townships can have many multistory as well as, high rise structures
3     When I say multistory, it can be considered up to 8 stories with average story height being 3.5 to 4 m
4     When I say high rise, it can be up to 20 stories
5     When is say skyscrapers, it can be up to more than 20 story, but it remains out of my acceptance as an engineer due to so many reasons such as loss prevention & loss suppression issues, which cannot be controlled easily
6     Structures up to 4 stories in whatever status, single plot or complex etc. may not cause major structural issues, if column to column centre/s may be up to 5m
7     Structures may cause issues for more than 5 to 8 stories to an extent, designs are related. Such structures shall certainly require additional services facilities & respective infrastructures
8     Soil investigation must be made mandatory for all structures that may have buildings more than 20 m. Design engineer can assess residential buildings up to 3 to 5 story based on site visits to assess excavated trench or by conducting plate load bearing capacity test or state of soil, if it could be clay or silt or sand
9     For all others structures, full range soil investigation must be a must, which activity could be carried out by specialist independent material testing laboratory
10     It can include bearing capacity, value of N, RQD or rock quality designation, resistivity parameters that related to electrical & thermal properties & whatever else.
11     Bore holes up to 20 m or more may give better information for design engineer to comprehend soil to get recommendation from soil engineer or laboratory qualified expert & that observation may or may not be accepted by designer, depending on analytical details available
12     Soil report cannot be counted just in number of pages, but what properties content it indexes in. Many pages itself can contain bore log survey reporting & soil samples collected from land for purpose of laboratory testing.
13     Soil engineering including exploration & site applications are very professional activities, which every engineer must have an analytical & related summaries knowledge
14     It is too significant to a understand about what soil strata below proposed structures speak about soil that could be useful or harmful for substructures
15     Whoever deals with designs & its scrutiny must be well knowledgeable, pertinent soil exploration based investigation & field applications, or else there could be undertaken mistakes in soil engineering applications, both in designs as well as, in site applications
16     Soil investigator as well as, design engineer & design scrutinizer must consider in each case whether or not, soil improvement would be required, if deep foundations are not considered necessary. Deep foundation means piling or raft & piling combined
17     Whether soil replacement would work or micro piling be required should also be considered at foundation policy decision making stage
18     Every factor must be considered respecting thermal & electrical resistivity for major projects, which may have underground water impact on structural bases or piping elements that run underground or electrical cables whatever it may be
19     Designers must consider firing hazard impact on structures & about, how to handle for purpose of loss prevention as well as, loss suppression both. Preference must always be made for conducting loss prevention, rather than fire suppression. Arrangement must also, be considered for other outdoor located pump housing in case electrical supply is stopped or shut down during fire extinguishing
20     Building plan must be explicitly open for all emergency required accesses & free circulation to a minimum requirement should be included
21     Well, all factors cannot be considered related to structures, but designer is required to coordinate with others non structural professionals
22     Every integrated plan contains all types of structures in every story range & therefore, all requirements must be studied properly & adequate solution must be charted out
23     Provision of water storage is always a point to be considered, which must be underground for purpose of fire fighting use in case, ring fire main is not included within. Consideration must be made for underground water tank below foundations or within foundations, if foundation design can permit it
24     All point respecting RCC element must be taken into consideration that can allow adequate RCC cover, concrete density. Rapid chloride prevention from entry into concrete & all environment related factors must be considered.
25     Emphasis should be given to cathodic protection or epoxy coated reinforcement for corrosion protection for durability of structure
26     Supplementary cementing materials must be used for replacement of OPC for purpose of low shrinkage & to attain better quality of concrete material
27     Designer must have clear concept from respective viewpoint about, methods of carrying out RCC element activities such as, form work, reinforcement fabrication & placement, concrete pour & related services coordination routes or else, on sites, clashes certainly emerge among these disciplines
28     If certain standard methods about, how to carry out these activities are included for purpose of guiding, it shall help site professionals
29     Sate or municipality or authority legislated bye laws apply on all building to be erected & it is also, true that these bye laws are charted out in concurrence with national building code & industrial practice. Indeed designs are done complying with these bye laws, even references to national building codes & industrial practice are always significant
30     To an extent licensing to engineers is related, it is all illegal to have license from other bodies, since professionals ate chartered & even NBC permits Corporate members of statutory body IEI for chartering purposes & once one is entitled Chartered Engineer (India), no legal defect is left to have any further licensing all over Bharat India. It is therefore, of significant consideration that IEI corporate members, who enjoy rights & privilege of being designated Chartered Engineer (India) for all practical purposes of designing & supervisions activities of whole project must be allowed freedom of professional practice, without obtaining any irrelevant license from whatever body
31     It is indeed legal to comply by codes mandate within practical constraints, yet reservations could be made for specific applications, where concept is more significant than legal binding, but it should be on a better & safer aspect
32     Design engineer must be made absolutely responsible for designs & site design engineer must be deployed for complete structural works approvals & both must have respective shares of legal responsibilities for all projects including low rise structures. Reason being that quality objective is being ignored that must be established throughout nation or else, losses of natural materials shall continue including losses of structural users.
33     No way, lack of quality or its ignorance can be accepted by anyone. Courts do not know every aspect of provision of statutes or Acts, but if some provision is included on codes, it shall certainly weigh fully & courts cannot avoid that provision in whatever case. Therefore, designers & scrutinizers must share proportional responsibility & for construction purpose, site professional must be accountable for implementing per requirement all components of structure
34     Qualification of designers & scrutinizers must be academics & long related experience or must have complete pragmatism in profession. Must be fully aware of contracts, specifications & materials availability in market
35     Appointment of these professionals must be effected by employer of owner based only on merits of requirements & not otherwise. No dependence should be made on architect for such appointments. This provision can be imparted with such code.
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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
Posts: 5744
Location: NCR Faridabad, E mail suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk

PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2022 6:07 am    Post subject: Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking Reply with quote

Doc # SSD II/06/(19914) July 2022
Requirement of structural designs & Proof Checking Consultancy Services for Proof Checking

Quality Related Practical Issues That Fail To Work On Sites
1     Designer should keep into respective design considerations, about concrete pours of advance pouring systems, which permit to pour concrete to required heights. For example column of ordinary buildings are poured in one go to say 4 m or more or walls of heavy structures to height up to say 10 m or more
2     In our nation, generally building columns are poured by very old non workmanship & non quality giving system to pour just one metre height in one lift, which method cannot produce quality columns. No care is given to plumb quality control & no to exact location of column at every floor. Generally, height of building floor remains between 3.25 to 4 m depending on whether or not, HVAC component has been included. On every floor column pour case, full height of column, except at neck or column slab beam connection, where construction joint is required, should be poured to achieve better quality to work during durability period of structure
3     Similarly, care must be allowed for slab & beams, because slab & beams are poured absolutely monolithic, whereas, column & beams are considered monolithic, though not poured as such
4     All such activities certainly cause certain defective spots on columns & slabs or walls etc. which must be considered by designer from construction & for making relative ease of construction process point of view.
5     It is very difficult for site personnel to do all rightly, unless these workers are imparted with proper training to apply remedial measures on to concrete structures
6     It therefore, become duty of designers at design finalizing time to include directions for them about, whatever remedial measures would be required, in case site personnel ignore or may be are unaware about such activity that does not give any additional payment on job, but certainly make additional expenses
7     Generality, of remedial actions should be made a part of practical designs or else, site workers shall continue to apply cement mortar patches on concrete, which does not give any required strength to concrete, but concrete members continues to remain defective for ever
8     Designs cannot be just confined to theoretical procedures, but virtually, practical aspects should be considered in our country, where nobody cares about quality. Specification must include such problematic issues with required solution.
9     Many personnel do not know even about, how to apply concrete vibrator correctly. These personnel must be explained on specification itself. And, about what should be sequence of pouring must also, be clearly defined.  
10     It is also, a fact that our budding engineers must be trained about, how to carry out works on site, because our institutions have failed drastically to produce practical engineers, rather produced just only theoretical engineers or those, who have no capacity to find more & more required information, which could be used for ever.
11     Similarly, fabrication erection of formwork is very strong component of preparatory works that impacts upon quality for concrete. Every engineer does not understand fluid pressures imposed upon concrete, when concrete is poured & remains fluid for few hours, before being gradually solidified. Temporary loading action on formworks must be known to these site professionals. Design engineer should better specify in general what is resultant pressure & at what location on members. Where what type of support is required? This information shall assist better formwork control & better control of bulging or opening of form
12     Foregoing explanation just gives only concrete ordinary pour, but every pour is different & concrete controls to be undertaken on sites on light members, think members, thick members & massive blocks must be guided properly & designer can do a lot on this requirement for benefit of site ignorant professionals
13     All must update on concrete technology to understand it throughout. Specifications from various nations that could be studied for better knowing about, what has been going world around. Concrete is not just concrete pour, but lot lies behind this significant material & this responsibility cannot be left to be performed just by site professionals, who probably are not updated all times
14     All other activities must also, be given due care from designs & construction viewpoints, like weather impact including, rain impact, thermal impact, fire impact etc. which are generally ignored by all concerned
15     Many more points can be considered for all other items that provide impact on buildings like roofing system, plumbing system, HVAC & electrical systems, which all require detailed & continuous coordination, never to end. Designers should care about all significant items to have better controls on designs as well as on sites
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