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[ Quality improvement] Is Integration the way ahead ?

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 2:00 pm    Post subject: [ Quality improvement] Is Integration the way ahead ? Reply with quote

Dear all,
It is sad to note that the quality of civil engineering practiced in the country is reducing day by day in all areas of construction.  We are ourselves to be blamed and we ourselves can make it right.  After touching and integrating many of these aspects in my career, let me put down some points..
First of all, the seniors among us are to be blamed seriously for not considering anything to change the trend in the last 40 years. Before that engineers managed the construction fully.  The next generation off loaded the responsibility of construction to many other hands like, Architects, Builders etc. 
As we only are responsible for life, we need to take control.  Now you would say there is no law in the land to put it that way.  Actually we are law makers ourselves, as we control the construction through many instruction in the general notes we give along with the drawings. Now Sefi may introduce a common general notes or our constitution which is to be followed in all sites through these drawings.  For example, Constitution/law do not give parking spaces  for auto rikshaws or taxi. They fix it themselves and no body is going to complain about that when there is strong common sense behind these. We should act in the same way. Let us make our own laws and implement it too. Nobody else is going to understand or support you.


Another important point is that you don't let others to do the work you are supposed to do. What they do is, they get the works done by different engineers and they just assemble it together with out knowing the subjects like in a post office. We design engineers, planning engineers, estimation engineers, quality control engineers, site engineers all work for them. He gets paid but you are not. Public never understands what the engineers do as they only see the other faces. You need to deal with public and get the works directly. You can do this much faster and efficiently.  If at all client wants cosmetic or functionality you get an architect to work for you on that project. After practicing most topics in civil engineering including structural design, detailing, software development, erp software, estimation, geotechnical, planning, construction management and architecture I think the last one requires the least effort. Public should also understand that in construction engineer is your friend who reduces your cost where as all others adds to that.
Architecture requires a good right side of the brain where as Engineering requires left side. Good Architects thus are not good engineers and vice versa. If the country wants safer structures, let engineers do their duty and only engineers should supervise another engineer's works. Peer review/Inspectorate is a must. Nobody else understand these works. Thus all infra structure and building construction should be based on this.
Another issue is in the education system practiced in India. One of my usual interview questions to M.Techs for jobs or internship is archimedes law and definition. I would have interviewed may be around 400 engineers. None of them ever gave me the answer correctly except one or two. It was invented by Archimedes in BC 250. Our students are yet to understand this and they do not apply to this to structures. Leave the students, some of the university professors who got Phd from IITs are yet to understand the same. Some of the top consultants have spent clients crores of rupees not understanding Archimedes.  Problem lies with the teachers. Our education systems is depending on notes given by teachers. This is to be stopped. All exams should be open text book exams from high school itself to know if they have understood the real theory and applied it.
An application level teaching is highly essential as many of us do not know why we are learning many subjects. For example mathematics topics for engineers are not taught with application in mind. Maths being a big tool in analysing the situations, we lack in the use of it due to the same.  Students should learn from the text books and not from the notes given by lecturers. Only then they will know the art of learning from information available in internet and other libraries. Sefians should come forward to support an entrance exam where screening is done by multiple choice and then those who qualifies, to open text book exam in the second part. Just by introducing a system like this, it will pass shock waves through levels of education even from primary schools.
A primary school student is given a set of equations to by heart   and it reduces the teachers job of explaining it. The same student by hearts all the civil engineering equations rather than understanding or deriving it. The number of equations they do exceed thousands and they do not use or remember it at the time of application. Also none of my engineers ever told me how to do a foundation where footing and retaining wall comes together  as what they know is only footing and retaining wall individually.  When will we ever stop teaching  civil engineering as different members alone like slab, beam, column, pile, footing, retaining wall or the theory behind all these members as a unified one?
A great deal of interaction is possible with the engineering subjects mentioned above for easy construction with the power of IT. As engineers offices do all the jobs in the same environment, speed and accuracy of the system will improve. Look at Uber taxi, they have reduced the cost of travelling to 50% or lesser with overall integration. In construction, you can save 100% cost in construction with the same. We are masters in waste creation not reduction. A quick example is, we do a villa in 2 years which is actually possible in 5 months by integrating services. Here we are loosing 20% interest cost alone in a Rs 5000 per sqft villa. If the cost of civil construction is Rs 1000 per sqft, we loose it in time alone. There are at least another 15 parameters where we loose additionally.
Look at our engineers, they do not use programming to do their own software. Leave it, they do not even know the key board. Twenty five years ago I submitted an assignment typed in my engineering college for the first time in their history. Even though there was resistance from teachers I could force them to accept it. It improved my typing skills, and this could be why I am typing this today  to express my views.
Research is what Country needs and it is not practiced any where. If I am right only IIT Chennai has MS courses promoting research. Thanks to our PM I read about 10 such units will be set up else where in yeterday's news paper.  There should be a grants and support from the Govt in research to reduce the cost  of construction in India. Being the largest area of Govt spending, research can save a part of this amount. Many of the research we presently do is not of use to common practice, and before funding the impact needs to be valued.
Minister asked a question to IT sector what they should do to support IT in the year 2001 in a seminar at Kochi and the scientific advisor to CM , Chandrababu Naidu, was the chair person, said the best thing you can do is to stay away from this. In my opinion Government and govt supported firms should stay away from the real construction as practiced in other countries. What Govt should do is to have Inspectorates all over the country as like electrical inspectorate to check the construction activity. Cream of our society either goes abroad or goes to Government and they do not work for India anymore. All PWD, CPWD, EIL systems to be revamped to only checking level as they are working at 20% their efficiency. Also Engineers connected in any way with Govt has to be separated from decision making bodies as they were part of a system which worked with very low efficiency.

Reji Zachariah B.Tech., M.B.A., â€‹â€‹
S. IIT Chennai.

Structural Consultant

Mobile +919846026162
S&R Consultants, Structural & Geotechnical Consultants,
2nd floor, S&R Building, Soonoro church 1st cross rd,
Elamkulam, Kochi 20, Kerala, India.
Phone +914843241537  Fax +914842322532
coordinates : 9.965968,76.308463
E mail: r (srconsultants@eth.net)ejizac2004@gmail.com (ejizac2004@gmail.com)

skype id:  rejizac
google talk id: rejizac2004@gmail.com (rejizac2004@gmail.com)

Reji ZachariahTo The Prime Minister India
Feb 15 (4 days ago)

Reji Zachariah <rejizac2004@gmail.com (rejizac2004@gmail.com)>Feb 16 (3 days ago)

to Sreehari

pl forward in proper format


Reji Zachariah B.Tech., M.B.A., M.S.Mobile +919846026162
S&R Consultants, Structural & Geotechnical Consultants,
2nd floor, S&R Building, Soonoro church 1st cross rd,
Elamkulam, Kochi 20, Kerala, India.
Phone +914843241537  Fax +914842322532
coordinates : 9.965968,76.308463
E mail: r (srconsultants@eth.net)ejizac2004@gmail.com (ejizac2004@gmail.com)

skype id:  rejizac
google talk id: rejizac2004@gmail.com (rejizac2004@gmail.com)

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General Sponsor

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:08 am    Post subject: Root Cause- Part Engineers & ISO 9001 Reply with quote

Root Cause- Part Engineers & ISO 9001

Writing essays would not work to improve Engineersquality standards

Blaming seniors shall also, not support anything

I have been in engineering profession for morethan 35 years & experienced in depth of construction engineering issues

We used to work on all sub disciplines ofengineering from very beginning, when there was no IT & ISO 9001

Every engineer was forced to think various subject& analyse all problems for solutions on site as well as in design office

Days of working on drawing board were far betterthan days now to work on computers

Indeed, efficiency has enhanced many times, butquality of product has deteriorated tremendously

I am surprised to see many revisions of all categoriesof design drawings from schematic to working & Red Lines

Many hands are involved & quality is crushedto nowhere

ISO has changed whole scenario, where Planningengineer in not interested on site works, designer is not interested on rebarassembly, quality guy thinks that he should act as police, QS thinks that herequires only valuation format & contract specs, while site engineer &foremen are completely helpless

Even, engineers are not interested to interactwith other disciplines, which is very significant

Designers do not value input fromHVAC, Electricals & Electronics & Security

Keeping abreast such circumstances, do we thinkthat quality production be achieved

Engineering used to be very difficult disciplineduring education in absence of computers & calculators

Mind of qualified engineer used to work likecalculator & computer & combining with experience & pragmatism, anassessment could be made, whether or not design had been safe

A lot learning from site issues could produce realengineers & not engineers like para status engineers as working now everywhere even in GCC, one cannot find real engineer, who responds to complete work

Keeping all such issues, ISO 9001-2015 hasoverhauled ISO 9001-2008, pulling into QMS leadership in all areas includingbusiness processes

Quality managers have been virtually brought downto working level from their current status to authorize as Engineering police

All heads have to work as leaders for qualityissues, which would be a difficult task for directive management

All processes shall be worked out based on RiskManagement & not on an exclusive basis of preventive measures

Cost of processes shall certainly come down &involvement of engineers belonging to various disciplines shall be required onhigher profile

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