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Movie ' EARTHQUAKE ' DVD / Public Awareness & Marketing

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 10:20 am    Post subject: Movie ' EARTHQUAKE ' DVD / Public Awareness & Marketing Reply with quote

"Speak out on an issue you feel strongly about, be it technical, ethical or professional. Raise issues that you believe need to be discussed" - SEFI

In GOD we trust - Help us Lord - You are the Omnipotent

Dear Prof.S.K.Jain,Engr.Pankaj Gupta & Dear Engr.Vivek > Mumbai & Kanpur,India        


Opening Discussion & Implementation Procedure

Earthquake DVD Movies, Video Projector, Screen and Mobile Van equipped with  speakers are required for the purpose from city to village town level along with supporting field staff.

Yes, Engr.Vivek you are very much right,therefore,I am taking up the matter with SEFI -NICEE - NPEE Central Administrative High Command for necessary JOINT action at the earliest possible time. I REQUEST other Sefians to VOICE THEIR CONCERN.

The zones III , IV and V (Seismic Map of India) are under threat of major earthquake/s at any time as it is already over due so far as the return period is concerned along Himalayan Sub-duction Line locked at several points, in the east Indo - China frontier, Dauki Fault Line System near Indo - Bangladesh border region and Tripurra Fault Line System. Because of SEISMIC GAP in the entire region the LOCKED POSITION in a single event may trigger an earthquake of magnitude any where between 7 to 8.5 on RichterScale which may cause CATASTROPHIC
DISASTER as all these earthquakes may originate from shallow depth as the average depth of the tectonic plate is 35,000 feet from the mean sea level.

I am in doubt about zone IV ( which may have to be treated as V after studying some recent earthquakes in Morocco, Algeria, Parkfield Earthquake, Mongolia - Siberia Earthquake,Quake in Japan, Romania Earthquake etc. so far as the instrumental intensity, peak ground acceleration, peak ground velocity and spectral analysis are concerned ).

Many seismic structural engineers and seismic architects do not  
have ANY EXPERIENCE of a major earthquake though they are dedicated, these MOVIES will HELP and so every one should try to procure the following movies - in all SEVEN movies - which will also be very much effective to CONVINCE a POTENTIAL CLIENT about a devastating earthquake and GO for seismic design of structutre.

Regular public show of movie/s like this/these will surely create PUBLIC awareness which will help to explain the devastating nature & importance of EARTHQUAKE to the common man.On the other hand this will also be a part of easy MARKETING PROGRAM for SEISMIC DESIGN of STRUCTURE once the MOBILE VAN SCREENING PROGRAM is initiated in different areas of different cities & towns at evening at least once in a month thana wise in CYCLE particularly in zones III, IV & V through MINISTRY OF INFORMATION & BROADCASTING, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, different NGOs etc.

One thing is to be NOTED here is that consulting service is ABSOLUTELY a client ORIENTED profession, therefore, ALL OUR EFFORTS - seminars,conferences,high level discussions etc. - are of NO USE unless there is an AUTO demand for SEISMIC DESIGN OF STRUCTURE from the PUBLIC in general, otherwise dedicated seismic structural engineers will have to face problems for implementation of seismic design principles. EARTHQUAKE MOVIES DVD as LISTED below and APPROPRIATE POSTERS throughout zones III , IV & V will help a lot in CREATING PUBLIC AUTO DEMAND thus minimising the SCALE OF DISASTER and SAVING the NATION.

Regarding FUND for such an IMMENSELY important PROJECT within SEFI - NICEE - NPEE different State Governments, Central Government, World Bank, UNDP, IDB, EU, The Kuwait Fund, ADB, Government of Japan,Tata, Birla, Star Plus and other INDIAN BUSINESS GIANTS etc.may beapproached with a CONSTRUCTIVE PROPOSALthrough APPROPRIATE
CHANNEL which may be treated as a PART of pre-earthquake RELIEF operation.

As a TEST PROGRAM this may be taken up FIRST with  the Government of Delhi under SEFI - GoD initiative, other State Governments, Central Government of India and then with your Scientist President  and also with the Prime Minister of your country, both are equally dedicated and highly intelligent - from a modest start to the height of glory and fame at present.

For this SPECIFIC PURPOSE I request to set up 'High Powered SEFI - NICEE - NPEE Permanent Delegation to the Government' whose prime TASK & PURPOSE will be DISCUSSION & SUB-SEQUENT IMPLEMENTATION of earthquake related matters with government support & fund and also fund from FOREIGN DONOR CONTRIES. AS AT THE MOMENT IT IS A MATEER OF LIFE & PROPERTY SAFETY; any MAJOR EARTHQUAKE will AFFECT YOUR COMMUNITY and NATION AS A WHOLE.

In my opinion Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, I find it REASONABLE in every magnitude & intensity to GO for a CRASH PROGRAM by Indian Institute of  Science (Bangalore) IIT at Guwahati, Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee if you think that the country as whole will be earthquake resistant in order to save PEOPLE & PROPERTY - this is a GIANT REASONABLE & RESPONSIBLE TASK indeed. We experts should now be AGGRESSIVE in action as TIME IS SIMPLY RUNNING OUT.

In fact what caused NATIONAL FAILURE with regard to routine design of earthquake resistant building (ERB) in spite of past 12(twelve) major devastating earthquakes plunging the nation as a whole into TOTAL high seismic non -safety range is now a GREAT MYSTERY - something like BELIEVE  IT OR NOT.We read HISTORY but we do not learn any thing from history,so history REPEATS it self and so is now the GRIM SITUATION.This is an IRONY OF FATE indeed.NO BODY WANTS TO LOOSE ONE'S PROPERTY AND NEAR & DEAR ONES.


EARTHQUAKE MOVIE LIST :  ( 7 [ seven ] movies in all )

1. Earthquake ( movie, 1974 ) DVD  detalis :

Director : Mark Robson
Cast : Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner etc.
Running Time : 2 hr 9 minutes
Movie Facts: A disaster epic centering around a devastating earthquake and the
shocking afternath in Los Angeles. Academy Award : Best Sound

This is the movie which inspired Mr.Stacy Martin to establish ASC. Infact life is so vast an affair that there is no maxim which can be proved or disproved in the light of personal experience.

2. San Francisco - Earthquake ( movie, 1989 ) DVD details :

Running Time : 1 hr
Movie Facts : Dramatic footage brings to life the catastrophic 15 seconds on Oct. 17
1989 that rocked the entire Bay Area.

3. After the Shock ( movie, 1990 ) DVD details :

Director : Gary Sherman
Cast : Yaphet Kotto, Scott Valentine etc.
Running Time : 1 hr 36 minutes
Movie Facts : Oct. 17, 1989 . San Francisco shook like it had not since 1906.This is
a fact based movie.

4. The Great L . A . Earthquake ( movie, 1990 ) DVD details

Director : Larry Elikann
Cast : Ed Begley Jr, Joanna Kerns etc.
Runninig Time : 1 hr 46 minutes
Movie Facts : Los Angeles, the city of glamour, power, and dreams is trapped in the
horror of devastation.

5.The Alaskan Earthquake ( movie, 1964 ) DVD details

Running Time  : 20 minutes
Movie Facts    : Animation, film footage and models explain and show the causes and
effects of this great quake.

6. Aftershock : Earthquake in New York ( movie, 1999 ) DVD details

Cast : Tom Skerritt,Lisa Nicole Carson etc
Running Time : 1 hr 36 minutes
Movie Facts : Poor  city planning leaves people of New York struggling in the wake
of a major devastating earthquake.

7. San Francisco ( movie, 1936 ) DVD details

Director : W.S. Van Dyke , W.S Van Dyke II
Cast : Spencer Tracy, Jeanette MacDonald etc
Running Time : 1 hr 55 minutes
Movie Facts : The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 serves as the background.
Academy Award : Best Sound Recording

With regards, respects and best wishes.

Engr.Sikandar Hayat Siddiqi
Project & Seismic Design Management Engineer
Co-ordinator,Earthquake Anti-disaster Defence Management System Initiative (EADMSI)
Dhaka - Bangladesh/Asia    

ABHYANKAR Vivek <ABHYANKAR@hccindia.co.in> wrote:
Dear Mr. Siddiqi

I was not aware about such movie called 'EARTHQUAKE'. If it is possible
then all the persons working on earthquake should have a copy of it. IITK /
IITMumbai / IITRoorkee - may help out in creating / circulating copy of such
movie, which is may useful to explain common man the importance of

What do you think. How to make it possible? Let us discuss.


Hindustan Construction Company, Mumbai, India


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