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Better Understanding of IS:1893-2016 Clauses

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Balaji K S
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SEFI Member

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:25 am    Post subject: Better Understanding of IS:1893-2016 Clauses Reply with quote

Hi Sefians. . <o></o>

This post is not pertaining to any project or a situation inparticular. Considering significant changes in  IS 1893(Part 1)-2016 andinduction of new code for buildings taller than 50 m (IS 16700:2017). I havefaced some difficulties in satisfying certain clauses of the codes, also i want youto share your knowledge on the same so that it can help me and others in betterunderstanding of theses clauses.<o></o>

1. Cl. 7.6.2 of IS 1893(part1):2016 specifies time periodfor buildings with RC structural Walls (However recently there was amendmentissued for the same). My ambiguity is in when to use this time period, is theresome clause specifying as in this time period can be used if shear wall takes certainpercentage of shear compared to columns or this time period can be used onlywhen density of shear wall in comparison to floor area exceeds a particularnumber. Because, consider a flat slab system for a structure with some 20floors, with central or scattered shear walls and periphery columns, thecolumns are large  enough to takesignificant amount of shear, however with the above time period thecontribution of these columns are neglected.<o></o>

2. Also the above clause puts lower limit on the time period,that the time period value obtained with this formula shall be greater than or atleast that of time period due to Brick infill consideration(0.09*h/sqrt(d)).  Shouldn’t there be a restriction on upperlimit as well that this time period value cannot be greater than that of time periodvalue obtained through bare frame formula(0.075*h^0.75).<o></o>

3. Table 5 of Cl. 7.1 specifies that,” if torsionalirregularity is in the range 1.5 to 2.0, the building configuration shall berevised to ensure that the natural time period of fundamental torsional mode ofoscillation shall be smaller than those of first two transnational modes alongeach of the principal plan directions”. Does this mean if I avoid torsion infirst two modes I can design the building with the torsional irregularity inthe range 1.5 to 2.0? And generally what factor will effectively help me inshifting torsional mode from first mode. Is there any calculation I canfollow??<o></o>

4. Cl. 6.4.3 specifies stiffness modifiers, I feel thesemodifiers shall be used in the design model for factored loads, howeverserviceability checks shall be performed without any stiffness modifiers, is itso?<o></o>
However IS 16700 – 2017 clearly specifies differentmodifiers for SLS and ULS case.<o></o>

5. Can anyone share a document on how to consider effects ofvertical earthquake in ETABS analysis and design load combinations?<o></o>

If any of these topics are already discussed in the forum i'm sorry for repost, it would be great if you share the link for the same.

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